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Book Log

I am a book hoarder. I find it almost impossible to throw away my books and my kid’s books, but weirdly, not at all difficult to throw away my husband’s books. Anyway, my summer goal is to read books and donate those that don’t make the cut. And by cut, I mean stars. Below, is a book log I made for the girls. As we read the books we will rate them and give away those with less than three stars (maybe four, if we are rating high). I believe that our house has to be paired down some to look nice. Having too much stuff clutters not only my home but also stifles my creativity. For me, having unread books lying around feels like a list of to-do’s I’m not accomplishing.

Book Log_Page_1

Download: Book Log

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Chore Cards

I love a good thrift punch card. When you spend money at thrift stores they punch a card and offer discounts when full. It’s free money because I would shop there despite the incentive. School ends Wednesday and the kids home an extra eight hours a day creates more work for me. My goal is to build some protocols to curb the mess. I’ve made color-coded chore punch cards worth $10 each. Their coordinating chore lists give them four tasks to do every weekday. This offers them 10 every two weeks. I won’t punch the card until all four tasks are completed. We will start the cards next Monday so, I’ll update later in the month whether they are effective. I’ve included a blank chore list card if you are interested in trying this method too. Let me know what you think!


The easiest way to use these printables is to double-click on the image to isolate. Then right-click and choose save image. The background will appear black but is really transparent. Insert the image onto a word document, resize, and print. If you print on cardstock it will probably hold up longer.


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Education Is Everything

My sister-in-law is a major West Wing fan and asked me to print a poster of education quote for her. I really liked the one I made until I saw the one that was sold on Etsy (unfortunately, they don’t have any for purchase). They are very clever.

education is

Anyway, here is mine if you want to print it for free or even share to your social media account. The size is large enough for a poster.


Squares up nicely for instagram if you are interested.

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Spacey Kacey Wisdom


Kacey’s song “Biscuits” is one of me and the girl’s favorite song. There are a couple of cuss words *d—n and pi—* but the attitude and lesson are right on. I love all of her songs- they have so much heart and humor. You can tell she is a Word Nerd, like some of my people.

This being my first post, you don’t know yet that I’m working to learn Adobe Illustrator. I didn’t consider how difficult gravy and biscuits would be to illustrate. My husband says it looks like an amorphic¬†(lacking shape – I know cause I had to look it up) frog eating a rock. It’s true, the picture is a little messed up but I will keep working on it. Overall, I don’t hate it though. One of my kids knew it was biscuits and gravy.

If you like this, it’s fit for a square post or frame. You are welcome to share on instagram¬†– here are some hash-ggestions #kaceymusgrave #mindyourbiscuits #lifeisgravy #jollybison