Bison Logos

Recently, I offered to make a logo for my girlfriend who is moving to Wyoming (and breaking my heart). Of the options I made her, here are the rejects. Her website isn’t fully up and running yet, but it will be one to watch. She is honestly the most positive and encouraging person I know. She will be missed here in Texas but I know Wyoming will do her heart and family good.




The Power of “I Like You”


Would you rather hear I like you or I love you? This question was prompted when my husband responded to me saying “I love you,” with “I like you.” My initial response, “What, you don’t love me.” In the most “do I look pretty in this outfit kind of way.” P.S. it’s a trap. His response really had me surprised and a little sad. From memory (which isn’t great and he literally said this 5 minutes ago), he said he believes I know he loves me but I find it difficult to know that he likes me. I think he is right. It’s easy to believe those close to you – your mom, dad, husband, and siblings – will always love you but do you know if they like you? In fact, my husband and I actually say “I love you” when we’re irritated with one another. I believe it improves our level of commitment, a simple reminder really.


Granny Fanny


You’ve heard of whale tale and wedgie, but have you heard of the granny fanny? It’s a name my husband and I came up with when I realized I had been sitting with my underwear sticking up over my mid-rise shorts. You’re welcome for this wonder. Although, I’m open to another name with the word Mom included.


Power Couple: Dirty Dancing


Full Disclosure: Dirty Dancing isn’t my favorite power couple movie but one I recently wanted to watch again. I think I saw this movie far too young, like most kid’s of the 80s.  Therefore, I didn’t understand the social divide and discrimination in the movie. From memory, I believed Johnny and Baby to be an unbalanced couple. After watching, their relationship still seems to be a summer fling and not a consummate relationship – one with equal parts passion, companionship, and commitment. If you don’t know about Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory, you should check it out.

I chose to recreate this scene because it was the most memorable to me. I hope you guys are having a great week.




There is something about being on vacation that just highlights all that is weird about you. When I was a kid, it was my accent. People immediately would say, “Are you from Texas?” after me saying “Ya’ll” or “fixin.” This trip I’ve realized how socially awkward I am. I don’t know how to look at people or talk to strangers without feeling anxious. I’m definitely realizing I don’t stretch myself socially.

It’s my youngest who is teaching me to relax. She does this thing where she lays back in a body of water (even the ocean) and floats. She has the most content look on her face, it is crazy how relaxed she looks. Gatlinburg is packed and overwhelming for me and the idea of laying back and relaxing has been impossible on this trip. I’m even having to avoid hermit tendencies to set a good example for the girls.

The picture above I drew to honor and note this time in our life. It will definitely go on our wall when we get home.


Pride and Prejudice

My power couple this week is Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. I love the BBC version and watch it probably 3 or 4 times a year. I imagine what their life, post-movie, looks like. Imagine the film crew finally leaving and them staring at each other, wondering what they will talk about now. I like to think they are like my husband and me. We like to argue, debate, bicker or however else you’d like to put it. Their need for competency pushes them to one-up one another and they are in constant battle for king/queen of the mountain. I know Elizabeth isn’t first-born but let’s just say it, Jane isn’t filling that role and someone has to play boss. So, Darcy and Lizzy are in a battle of the first-borns. If you are like me- you are a first-born and married a first-born, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Unless of course, you are like Jane.

What do you like about this movie/book? Do you prefer the Keira Knightley version? I will say the end of that version is my favorite. The cinematography is amazing and him walking in the fog and the placement of the sun between the two of them is just wonderful. And let’s face it what woman wouldn’t love to hear, “I would have to tell you, you have bewitched me, body and soul and I love, I love, I love you.” I think that line is what moves people to prefer Matthew McFadden as Darcy.


I hope all of you are having a great week and are slaying all kinds of goals. I am realizing that the act of planning, making and accomplishing goals is probably my favorite anything of all time. I guess it is why I love digital art – you have a vision, plan it, do it and then share it.