My name is Cassandre, Cass for short. I have been married for 13 years and have 3 beautiful girls – 5, 8, 10. I love Jesus, babies, drawing, music, and creating stuff. I am from and have always lived in Texas. Currently, I live in a small tourist town – Granbury – south of DFW,¬†where there are festivals for every possible situation. I’m not VERY country but you’ll hear it in my speech some, or possibly a lot.

Why Jolly Bison?

I craft quite a bit and I once put hats on animals; I really connected with the bison. I feel things pretty heavy and sometimes my resting face is a little serious (understated). Often my thoughts are heavy too and sometimes you just have to put the hat on and fake it.

Jolly BisonI’m more extroverted than introverted, supremely conscientious, my openness to try new things is only inhibited by snakes and a lack of safety. I’m a recovering people pleaser; thank you boundaries. Since we are talking personality, you should know I have my degree in psychology and love tests. I’m an ENFJ (Myers-Brigg) and my top 5 strengths are Learner, Focus, Futuristic, Strategic, and Analyzer. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and love to learn about yourself, check out strengths finder 2.0.

My posts will discuss parenting, music, organization tips, quiet time, research, DIYs, and hopefully a remodel

Why Blogging?

My girls are becoming more independent and need me less and less. My youngest goes to school next year and I want to work from¬†home. Plus, I’d love to build a little time capsule for them here.

Snowcone collageI hope you all love what I have to offer. This is a Jesus zone. Hopefully, full of the spirit and good times. I promise to keep it family-friendly. Meaning, appropriate for Southern Grandmas.