Today is International Children’s Book Day, so I’m going to share four of our favorite books right now.

What Do You Do Series

1. What do you do series, by Kobi Yomada. He has several books but the What do you do series is so great to spark inspiration and conversation. The combination of the message, illustrations, and my girls sitting with me always chokes me up.

the little bit scary people image
The Little Bit Scary People

2. The Little Bit Scary People, by Emily Jenkins. I’m not sure why this book isn’t more popular. The illustrations and message are perfect for elementary kids. A young girl imagines the lives of people she finds a little bit scary.

The Sisters Grimm Series

3. The Sisters Grimm, by Michael Buckley. This is a fantasy series for preteen girls and boys. The main characters are female but there are a couple of supporting male personalities. There are at least nine books following the Grimm Sisters as they sleuth through a town of storybook characters. The chapters are a little long and their are nights we have to break in the middle, but that’s what bookmarks are for. Overall great story!

Fablehaven Series

4. Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. This epic fantasy series follows siblings as well but not two sisters. A brother and sister duo work to save their Grandparent’s secret property holding monsters and creatures, sometimes doing more harm than good. Fairies, imps, golems, mermaids, and trolls are among the creatures housed in Fablehaven. This book series is geared toward ages 9- 13.

I hope you like these recommendations. I’d love to hear about your favorite books! Feel free to comment below.

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