The image above is my response to the November doodle prompt “breakfast”. Sadly, this is my breakfast most days. I am not a fan of sweet breakfasts and too lazy to make something savory. I could pull leftovers from the fridge but it seems strange to eat spaghetti or chicken salad for breakfast. For a while, I mixed up super greens with juice and ice but I didn’t notice a difference in my energy level throughout the day.

Why couldn’t I have been an English dutchess? I’d love to wake up to sausage, beans, and eggs in the morning. It’s just me at home so it seems a waste to put the effort in for a breakfast like that. I lived in Odessa, TX until I was 15 and there is a massive amount of Tex-Mex restaurants there, which is probably responsible for my morning preferences. It has just dawned on me that my creamer and coffee is sweet but for some reason that is different.

What are your breakfast preferences? Do you like a little coffee in your creamer like me or do you prefer solid black coffee? If you are interested in a doodle-a-day challenge, see this post.

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