I’m trading in the advent this year for a to-do list or “maybe, possibly list”. Advents are great but done simply (with candy or snacks) the kids get a ton of sugar and totally miss the point of the holiday. When I schedule activities and lessons, I end up serving disappointment by skipping days or doing something less fun but easier. My reality right now is I have no idea what I’m doing daily and I need to simplify my schedule and offer some breathing room. This list is still long and has 12 rather time-consuming tasks, but they are fun and honestly, things the girls and I love to do. Many of them serve the purpose of decorating our house or making gifts for neighbors and friends. These are things we likely would have purchased but done anyway. My goal is to provide some activities and possibly even future traditions for this time of year. I love Christmas but my fanciful ideas tend to wear me down and place undue stress and disappointment when I don’t complete my lists. This year, I’m making a guide of options, instead of a true to-do list. Below is a blank list if you’d like to make your own. Hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving holiday and is looking forward to Christmas!

december to do


Note: If you like the font I used, it’s called Enhanced Dot Digital-7

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