I know we are creeping up on Christmas and honestly, this will be the first and last time I’ll mention this holiday again until after Thanksgiving. Thinking about Christmas gives me heart palpitations. Every year, I promise to put back money or buy gifts early and well, I never do. I have an upholstery project and I’ve been shopping for fabric on Spoonflower.com – which is so amazing, you should check it out. But, I found that they offer fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper. Unfortunately, I’m not getting paid for this blurp; I wish I was, that would help me buy more wrapping paper.

Christmas Wrapping Spoonflower

So if you don’t already know, Spoonflower is a hub where designers can upload their patterns for others to purchase. What’s amazing about it is that you can buy the fabric in many different weights – performance knit, minky, cotton, and velvet (to name a few). Therefore, there are thousands of possibilities. The wrapping paper is 26′ x 72′ and is only 15.00. That is not a bad price for a unique presentation. If you are creatively-minded you can easily upload your own design and purchase for the season as well.

Gnome wrapping paper

If you are like me and are waiting until the last minute to stress Amazon out (thank you 2-day shipping), come back to this post December 1st.  Hope you have a wonderful week.


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