Today, I am working on the blog and unfortunate reminders or inspiring ideas for a new post keep interrupting my thought process. It’s very distracting but I know that if I try to ignore them, they will just keep butting in. My biggest challenge this season is to find that balance between creating and planning. Here are my tips for staying creative, not losing the inspiration as it hits, and getting back on track:

  1. Write it down – If something strikes you as interesting or peaks your curiosity, write it down. I do all of my writing and reading on the computer but I keep a pad of paper next to me.
  2. Develop a Question or Directive – Instead of simply writing the word or taking the time to explain why this is interesting or important to you, reword it into a question to answer later or give yourself a directive. For instance, when studying I come across Elliot’s Commentary often and it always has good information. So, I write “What is Elliot’s Commentary?” Or if you need to buy something, write buy ____________.
  3. Organize Your Notes – I love bullet journals for this very purpose. They can be as simple as writing in a spiral notebook (mine is) or as elaborate as a creative journal (check Pinterest). The benefit of a bullet journal over a regular notebook is that you have a table of contents. I have pages holding lists of things I need to buy, books to read, questions to answer, and future projects. When I have time, I rewrite my notes onto the appropriate pages. You also can start a folder on your computer holding all of these notes. This method is especially helpful if you have Evernote, Dropbox, One Note, or OneDrive.

If this disruptive idea is a life-altering revelation and is more important than what you are currently doing, stop. Stop what you are doing and explore that thought. If the thought has steps, write them out. Some ideas are large and require inspiration to move through. If this is the case, capture the inspiration.  This post is a good example. I was writing on my notepad and thought, “This is one habit that has worked well for me. I should write a post.” I knew if I didn’t write it now, I’d be interrupting my study to write down ideas for the post as they pop into my mind or I’d completely forget. Now that I’m done writing the post I can save it, edit later, and get back to work.

I hope this is helpful for you and brings you all of the organization and inspires creativity. Happy Friday!

P.S. It has now been a few weeks since I wrote this post and I’m just now publishing it. If I hadn’t written it out as a draft, I likely would have forgotten about this process and would not be sharing this.

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