We’ve been in our current home for a year now and it’s a fixer upper. Is that copyrighted now? Anyway, in our old house I would pull out the graph paper and construction paper to map out a room. For my blog, I wanted something more sophisticated, so I tried Adobe Illustrator and my room never matched up right. Enter this fantastic app.

Unfortunately, they aren’t paying me anything to promote this app. It is wonderful though. You can build your room (even using angled walls). Once the room is built you can add objects like showers, baths, and beds. This is what our Master bath looks like now.

Lots of doors right?! Neighbors call our house the “House of Doors”, because of the number of external doors (7). With this app, you can adjust the size of the objects. I couldn’t find posts or columns. I still haven’t realized all of the possibilities for this app though. I also purchased the 6.99 version that allows you to save projects. There are two other versions offering more objects and items.

Our updated bathroom will have a step around the tub and a more open floor plan. We will move the toilet and add a privacy wall. The wood block you see will be shelves. Our shower, we are moving as well and I’d love to add a skylight above it. On the angled wall, I want to add a feature wall of plants. This floor plan is 100% dependent on what walls are load-bearing. We may have to add a post or header.

The best thing about this app is you can pay to have the company build a 3d model of your house. This floor plan I started with was 1300 sq ft and the company charges $88. Our house is twice that size but it would make a fantastic doll house.

Would you use this app? Would you pay for a model of your home. I have a kid I know would love it.

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