Okay, wow, stay-at-home moms with no kids at home. Seriously, the infant and toddler stages really are the dog days. With 8 hours to clean, cook, prepare, blog, and work part-time I feel like a Stepford Wife – a bad one, but still. Uh, have you seen that movie? New or old, the idea is so sad and creepy. I kind of feel like I can get anything done and it seems a little unfair for my poor husband who is working his tail off.  I’m at home making anything I want and exploring my creativity with my favorite Food Network shows running in the background.

I’m trying to support my family the best I can, but really I have never been great at the to-do list. I write them but don’t always, almost never, get them done. Discipline is, Ummm, not my strength. My goal for this season of my life is to make the lists and then get them done. I need to strengthen my confidence in the discipline arena. 


I looked up quotes on discipline and this was one of the first to come up. I guess a little validation is good. 

  1. Anyway, my list today consists of finishing some Curious George banners I plan on selling. The girls have a Curious George book whose spine is cracked and falling apart. From the book, I can make 8 banners. 
  2. I sell a few things on eBay and I had a couple of questions and requests come my way overnight; it’s a simple to-do but one I forget every now and then.
  3. Laundry, cause I hate doing laundry and it’s important…unfortunately.
  4. Plan for the weekend: I want to set up a game night for me and the girls. Jeremy is hanging out with friends on Sunday and I think doing something special to celebrate the first week of school could do us all some good. Did I mention we have to get to the bus stop by 6:15?
  5. The salt dough is for a history blog I’m starting, cause history is awesome and I want the girls to know the past forward and backward. I’ll link when I have a post up.
  6. Afternoon snacks, because the girls are starving when they get home. They are like a swarm of ants at a picnic. I’m tired of them descending on all of our snack food.
  7. Finally, the girls and I are going to hang with Mom tonight, while Jeremy works.

It’s not a bad to-do list and completely manageable for one day. I have technically already completed two of these – banners and questions. And the old me would  “accidentally” on purpose forget about the laundry. Maybe I should come up with an alter-ego, who is good at housework and doing things she hates. I’ll call her Martha. If one day I’m treated for split personalities, know this is what started it.

I hope you all are having a wonderful afternoon and are slaying, (a cooler word for completing) your goals.

Update: Here is a picture of a Curious George banner. I have them up at my eBay store here.

Curious George

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