The Power of “I Like You”


Would you rather hear I like you or I love you? This question was prompted when my husband responded to me saying “I love you,” with “I like you.” My initial response, “What, you don’t love me.” In the most “do I look pretty in this outfit kind of way.” P.S. it’s a trap. His response really had me surprised and a little sad. From memory (which isn’t great and he literally said this 5 minutes ago), he said he believes I know he loves me but I find it difficult to know that he likes me. I think he is right. It’s easy to believe those close to you – your mom, dad, husband, and siblings – will always love you but do you know if they like you? In fact, my husband and I actually say “I love you” when we’re irritated with one another. I believe it improves our level of commitment, a simple reminder really.