There is something about being on vacation that just highlights all that is weird about you. When I was a kid, it was my accent. People immediately would say, “Are you from Texas?” after me saying “Ya’ll” or “fixin.” This trip I’ve realized how socially awkward I am. I don’t know how to look at people or talk to strangers without feeling anxious. I’m definitely realizing I don’t stretch myself socially.

It’s my youngest who is teaching me to relax. She does this thing where she lays back in a body of water (even the ocean) and floats. She has the most content look on her face, it is crazy how relaxed she looks. Gatlinburg is packed and overwhelming for me and the idea of laying back and relaxing has been impossible on this trip. I’m even having to avoid hermit tendencies to set a good example for the girls.

The picture above I drew to honor and note this time in our life. It will definitely go on our wall when we get home.

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