Chore Cards

I love a good thrift punch card. When you spend money at thrift stores they punch a card and offer discounts when full. It’s free money because I would shop there despite the incentive. School ends Wednesday and the kids home an extra eight hours a day creates more work for me. My goal is to build some protocols to curb the mess. I’ve made color-coded chore punch cards worth $10 each. Their coordinating chore lists give them four tasks to do every weekday. This offers them 10 every two weeks. I won’t punch the card until all four tasks are completed. We will start the cards next Monday so, I’ll update later in the month whether they are effective. I’ve included a blank chore list card if you are interested in trying this method too. Let me know what you think!


The easiest way to use these printables is to double-click on the image to isolate. Then right-click and choose save image. The background will appear black but is really transparent. Insert the image onto a word document, resize, and print. If you print on cardstock it will probably hold up longer.


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