Making A Business Card

I think I may have noted that my husband is quitting his teaching job and pursuing writing. To make ends meet he is also starting a handyman company. To get him started, I made him some business cards and it was my first time ever. Here are the things I learnBusinesscarded from this process. To start, I perused Pinterest when brainstorming a design. Etsy is also a decent place to look. I didn’t like the handyman designs because he won’t just be focusing on remodels or painting. He really is a handy guy and knows about all sorts of things. We are promoting his wisdom and skills here. That’s when I had the idea to make him the star of his card. He is the only employee so he will be the person talking to them. My thought is the individual may forget who or why he/she had the card. When they pull it out, his face will likely remind them of the conversation.

If you are designing your own business cards and are using Illustrator or Photoshop, you need an artboard that is 1040 x 600. Also, account for a small margin they call the bleed line. Therefore, know that not all of the cards will look alike – especially if your design depends on symmetry or the edge of the card in any way. I ended up taking his face past the bleed line because it looked better to have some of his face trimmed rather than a white line to the right. Also, consider color. We used black and white so, we could go grayscale (which was less expensive) and we didn’t have to worry about matching color. We considered some fancy embossing but settled on somewhere inexpensive (VistaPrint) in case the design needs tweaking or we’ve missed some crucial detail. Also, having a matte finish and not gloss on the back enables you to write on the card.

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