A New Frontier

New Frontier
My Happy Place via @thejollybison Instagram

Have you ever heard God? A thought comes from left field and you feel that slight swell of excitement in your chest; that’s when I know it’s God. Big decisions are generally confirmed when my husband has the same crazy declaration: Like, “I’m going back to college,” or “We are supposed to give ___________ our last $500.” Lately, I haven’t heard anything and I’ve never heard the small whispers of encouragement or instruction. I think the reason is that I can hear the messages that are so far from my own thoughts but my thinking drowns the whispers.

The other day I was frustrated by this and started asking God to just tell me what to do. Do I sell more on eBay, Blog, get my teaching certificate, or find the first random company that will hire this burnt out stay-at-home mom? I then realized I know what to do – sit and be with God. Take our relationship seriously, feed the spirit, and love the Son. So far my husband and I have gotten by with a mediocre relationship with God – we go to church, obey the loud messages, and behave like decent human beings. Times are changing. My husband heard he should quit his job. I had no confirmation but no fear either. We are entering a season where a reliance on God is essential to our survival. We have a new house at the top of our budget and it needs repairs and renovation. We both have skills but neither of us has built those skills to sustain us. We have three girls and one is getting close to Junior High (insert every possible cry, scared, wow, and even poop emoji available).

This new frontier is scary but I have learned a couple of lessons, just in the last couple of weeks.

  1. If you are avoiding something because it sounds scary or foolish, do not dismiss the idea. God performs big works as well as small. If you are avoiding something because of fear, he may be upgrading you.
  2. When in doubt, rest. Sit and pull out your bible and journal. Meditate and search for the Spirit. You are not going to hear the voice of God by talking loudly or even quietly. Has someone ever asked you a question but then continues to talk? It’s super frustrating and generally prompts a rude, “If you would just stop talking, I’d answer you.”
  3. Realize it may not be time to know. If you force your timeline, you may not be ready. Let God prepare you and other people in the situation you are walking into. Having favor in a job, home or relationship goes so far.
  4. Build faith in God. Having faith in God is difficult unless you have seen him work in your life. Take a minute in silence and ask the Holy Spirit to show where God has shown up in your life. For me, the obvious places came up, but even some new ones revealed themselves. Please, do not be discouraged if you hear nothing. This is not a bad omen  – like an empty fortune cookie. Keep trying and keep it cool.

I hope anyone reading this post has the best weekend. If it isn’t the best, ask God what lesson to take from this. If you are struggling in a relationship (it is Mother’s Day, after all) ask God if there are any boundaries you are breaking with the person. This small act improved my relationship with my Mom tenfold.


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