Spacey Kacey Wisdom


Kacey’s song “Biscuits” is one of me and the girl’s favorite song. There are a couple of cuss words *d—n and pi—* but the attitude and lesson are right on. I love all of her songs- they have so much heart and humor. You can tell she is a Word Nerd, like some of my people.

This being my first post, you don’t know yet that I’m working to learn Adobe Illustrator. I didn’t consider how difficult gravy and biscuits would be to illustrate. My husband says it looks like an amorphic (lacking shape – I know cause I had to look it up) frog eating a rock. It’s true, the picture is a little messed up but I will keep working on it. Overall, I don’t hate it though. One of my kids knew it was biscuits and gravy.

If you like this, it’s fit for a square post or frame. You are welcome to share on instagram – here are some hash-ggestions #kaceymusgrave #mindyourbiscuits #lifeisgravy #jollybison

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